Agri Cultura Water Solutions

Agri Cultura is an agriculture focussed, water treatment solutions company, created by farmers for farmers.

South Africa is a country with limited water resources. Agri Cultura undertakes to alleviate this problem by combining decades of agricultural experiences and know-how with outstanding international procurement and logistics expertise, to deliver water treatment solutions and maintenance services to farmers at a more affordable price.

Through modern technological innovations farmers can now filter and treat brackish groundwater on their farms with customised, modular, self-contained reverse osmosis water treatment plants. The strong dense polymer membranes in reverse osmosis water treatment systems can increase the quality of your brackish groundwater by filtering out sodium and other impurities to create highly purified water for your crops. Reverse osmosis systems are one of the most economical and effective methods to increase both quality of crops and production yield on your farm.

Agri Cultura internationally procures and domestically installs state-of-the-art pre-filtration & reverse osmosis systems to empower farmers with the latest technology and production expertise. Our vision is to become the preferred long-term partner for farmers in both South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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